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  1. In violation to “Equality Before Law” doctrine, “arbitrary”, “discriminatory” and “selectionist” policies and practices in declaring who will be labelled as criminals, terrorists, traitors or who will be declared as heroes, trustworthy, respected or acquitted citizens.
  2. Implementation of the rule of “presumption of guilt” instead of “presumption of innocence” in judicial or administrative trials: The defendants are labelled as terrorists until they prove their complete innocence against the judicial principle of “defendants benefit from doubt”.
  3. Adoption of the medieval inquisitional trial system as the norm in the court trials since the presence of any suspicion on the guilt of the defendants is considered sufficient enough evidence for their culpability. Thus, hardly any separate evidence is required in the judicial or administrative court verdicts.
  4. Implementation of “arbitrariness of crime and punishment” policies instead of the legal principles of “legality of crime and punishment” and “irreversibility of laws”.
  5. Implementation of the “groupality of crime and punishment” scheme instead of the basic legal principle of “personality of crimes and punishments” in criminal law. Thus, blaming and punishing the targeted groups for the alleged crimes of other members of their supposed groups and also punishing them along with their family and/or social circles.
  6. Preventing fair trials with “specially assigned judges / specially appointed and authorized courts” instead of “natural judges / natural courts”.
  7. Implementation of arbitrary and systematic “shoot first and ask questions later style punishment policies that are coupled with the “punish first, then try to find a pretext to excuse the punishments” approach.
  8. Predominant use of indirect killing methods instead of direct / instant killings to conceal the genocidal style crimes of the perpetrators to make it difficult to prove them in the courts or to facilitate their denials.
  9. Creating a vicious circle of lawlessness and/or endless legal / bureaucratic loopholes in order to block the paths of the justice for the targeted groups.
  10. As against the principle of “Equal protection of the laws” execution of organized fraud, evidence tampering, fabrication, alteration, concealing, falsifying or destruction of evidence to make the targeted groups fail to defend themselves and thus to get them convicted in the end.
  11. Planned and systematic violation of the rights of victims to thwart fair trials.
  12. Implementation of unlawful arrest, detention, systematic abuse, keeping in depraved conditions, uttering threats, systematic restrictions of health care and services, denial of education, sports, communication, social activities and many other hostile and discriminatory practices to force the KHK victims to confess crimes that they probably did not commit or compel them falsely accuse other innocent people.
  13. Premeditated Injustice in calculating prison detention-time-lengths of the KHK victims. Thus, deliberately increasing the length of detention-times of the victims in prisons and/or forcing them to renunciate their lost / legal rights to get released from the prison on time.
  14. Suppression of judiciary and administrative agencies to force them take biased decisions against the KHK victims.
  15. Ignoring, not recognizing or rejecting any court judgments in favour of the KHK victims: High court acquittals or decisions for non-prosecutions by public prosecutors in favour of the victims were either ignored or rejected completely.
  16. Systematic disinformation, defamation, smearing and black propaganda against the targeted and dehumanised groups.
  17. Patronage and/or encouragement of assaults, assassinations and murders against the targeted and dehumanised groups.
  18. Illicit arrest and/or detention of pregnant women who have just given birth or are about to give birth in hospital birth-rooms.
  19. Causing deaths of unborn foetus in the wombs of their mothers, new-born babies or infants through traumas inflicted on pregnant or postpartum mothers.
  20. Locking pregnant women, babies and their children in prison solitary confinement cells.
  21. Depriving new born /little babies of their mother’s milk.
  22. Banning / depraving babies and children who are obliged to stay / live with their mothers in prisons of sperate beds, own food allocations, any toys to play, any playgrounds or nurseries.
  23. Deliberate and systematic ill-treatments and tortures.
  24. Forcing, manipulating or driving the victims to commit suicide (The pressures included the family members someway, due to systematic and deliberate family-wide brutal targeting).
  25. Causing deaths by denial of access to health services, and/or triggering terminal illnesses through systematic social and psychological pressures.
  26. Causing deaths of women related to KHK victims by maltreatment, malnourishment, worsening ill-health, psychological trauma or suicide as a result of systematic social, economic and psychological pressures and deprivations.
  27. Causing deaths of children related to the KHK victims by maltreatment, malnourishment, worsening ill-health, psychological trauma or suicide as a result of systematic social, economic and psychological pressures and deprivations.
  28. maltreatment, malnourishment, worsening ill-health, psychological trauma or suicide as a result of systematic social, economic and psychological pressures and deprivations.
  29. Causing deaths of the disabled related to the KHK victims by maltreatment, malnourishment, worsening ill-health, psychological trauma or suicide as a result of systematic social, economic and psychological pressures and deprivations.
  30. .
  31. Causing deaths of children related to the KHK victims by systematically delaying or preventing treatments or instituting non-treatment.
  32. Causing deaths of elderly related to the KHK victims by systematically delaying or preventing treatments or instituting non-treatment.
  33. Causing deaths of the disabled related to the KHK victims by systematically delaying or preventing treatments or instituting non-treatment.
  34. State sponsored assassinations.
  35. Making the living conditions of prisons unbearable for the imprisoned victims to deteriorate their physical and mental health and then delaying or preventing treatments of the illnesses resulted for them to die in agony progressively. Yet releasing them from prison just before actual occurrence of death to escape any blames of their premeditated demise.
  36. Denial of all kinds of social security rights, services and supports.
  37. Preventing all kinds of family supports and social solidarity reliefs.
  38. Dismissal from all public service jobs/posts and prohibition of working in any public service institutions not only for the victimised personnel by KHKs but also all of their family members.
  39. Causing dismissals or prevention of work in the private sector not only for the KHK victims but also all of their family members.
  40. Cancellation of all vocational or work licenses to prevent working in any workplace as qualified professionals.
  41. Prevention of acquiring new professions or establishing new businesses or working in new or different jobs by not permitting the victims to get any vocational training courses or certificates.
  42. Obstructing internships to prevent any professional job qualifications including children of the KHK victims.
  43. Cancellation of any ongoing educational scholarships and imposing retrospective refund orders to stop/deny higher education and the right to development nationally or internationally to the victims or their family members
  44. Denying rights to education in undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate education including the family members.
  45. 45) Extortion of the right of the gifted and talented children or youngsters to receive special training to improve/develop themselves and their talents in the fields in which they are successful in the selection exams on the reason that they are relatives of the decree victims
  46. Prohibition of receiving/giving any educational scholarships/grants or training supports to children of the KHK victims’ families by state institutions.
  47. Prohibition of receiving/giving any educational scholarships/grants or training supports to children of the KHK victims’ families by private educational institutions.
  48. Prevention of participation of children of the KHK victims in all educational/scientific projects that are supported/sponsored by the state institutions even as students, trainees or researchers.
  49. Exclusion of Sportsmen or Sportswomen from their sports teams or clubs due to their parents being victims of the KHKs
  50. Extortion of financial legacy rights.
  51. Extortion of pension rights.
  52. Extortion of individual savings.
  53. Extortion of family heritage.
  54. Obstruction or extortion of financial aid to victims.
  55. Criminalizing/terrorizing persons or institutions who help find employment to the KHK victims or their family members.
  56. Extortion of child-birth aids.
  57. Extortion of maternity aids or allowances.
  58. Extortion of the right to short-working allowances during the coronavirus (COVID 19) pandemic.
  59. Exclusion from the scope of the worker “dismissal bans” put in force during the coronavirus (COVID 19) pandemic.
  60. Increasing the risks of deaths and/or permanent damage to the health of the families of the KHK victims by not allowing them benefit from the national health service facilities.
  61. Extortion or blocking “pension rights” and/or allowances of disabled KHK victims.
  62. Extortion or blocking “health care rights” and/or services of disabled KHK victims.
  63. Extortion of natural disaster reliefs such as earthquakes or flood damages.
  64. Extortion of carer allowances of the KHK victims.
  65. Driving victims and their families to hunger, malnutrition or starvation by extortion of social and economic support rights.
  66. Blocking access to documents required for professional and economic income generation works or activities.
  67. Blocking selling of freehold property / real estates.
  68. Extortion of property rights on owned real estates.
  69. Barring selling rights on movable property such as cars.
  70. Barring opening a new business by not providing a trade license.
  71. Blocking all bank accounts or any other income channels without any regard to family living expenses of the victims.
  72. Blocking opening new bank accounts (including spouses).
  73. Blocking money transfers (EFT) by banks (including spouses).
  74. Blocking bank loans / credits.
  75. Blocking loan / credit payment restructurings.
  76. Cancellations of credit cards.
  77. collections of the debts to the victims by debtors.
  78. obtainment of POS devices for trade, sales or transactions.
  79. Exclusion form tax cuts, reductions or restructurings.
  80. Denying insurance cover to victims or insurance damage payments owed to the victims.
  81. Extortion of the property rights of the victims by confiscating their property and making them to pay rent for using their own property and/or not paying their debts while collecting their lending / receivables from 3rd parties.
  82. Annulling the identity, personality and presence of victims and their relatives in providing public services.
  83. Annulling social existence of the victims and their relatives in social institutions.
  84. Constantly vilifying, defaming, denigrating, discrediting, smearing and depicting the victims as the public enemy number one.
  85. Extortion of the right to education by banning access to school buildings.
  86. Prohibition of entry to the institutions formerly worked and/or any public institutions.
  87. Deleting / destroying pasts, work tracks or actions of the victims.
  88. Destroying the future of the targeted groups or individuals through black-listings.
  89. Annulling the fundamental right of “the right to vote and/or the right to be elected” of the victims.
  90. the victims in justice by denying defence, seeking rights, blocking their petitions or applications.
  91. Blocking channels of obtaining individual, private and/or public information by suppressing the governmental organizations and/or the media.
  92. Extortion of the right to obtain information from public institutions.
  93. Violation of the right to defence and/or access to the defendants by barring/denying lawyers from visiting/meetings with the victims through prohibitions, restrictions, threats, harassments or arrests.
  94. Annulling the victims in the tracks /memory of institutions worked or in the administrations as if the victims did not exist at all.
  95. in testimony, attestation or witnessing in legal matters.
  96. Discrediting in the work hierarchy by demotion, relocation or mobbing despite being cleared in the court if reinstated to their posts.
  97. Denationalization in national or international arena.
  98. State sponsored kidnappings and/or forced disappearances.
  99. Targeting by arbitrary administrative fines by using them as weapons to silence dissenting or right-seeking voices.
  100. Transmuting into the living dead by forced social isolation.
  101. Holding the family members as hostage to force the victims surrender to the regime if at large.
  102. Denying all freedoms of travel abroad.
  103. Arbitrary and systematic restriction of the rights and freedoms through long detentions, banned interviews of denial of all other rights and freedoms.
  104. Expulsion or forcing to move out from private family homes or public sector houses.
  105. Mobbing, forcing and/or threatening the tenants of the victims to make them vacate the rented properties so that the victims lose any income gained out of them.
  106. Denying housing or renting accommodation to the victims.
  107. Denying or expelling the victims from public accommodation facilities or guesthouses.
  108. Denying a place for burial to the victims when died or killed.
  109. Encouraging, organizing lynches, attacks or assaults against victims and their relatives nationally.
  110. Encouraging and/or organizing lynching campaigns internationally.
  111. Systematic hypocrisy and abuse.
  112. Denying rent-a-car car renting.
  113. Denying blood donations.
  114. Annulling in religious freedoms or conscientious values.
  115. Exclusion or annulling in the fulfilment of some religious practices such as hajj.
  116. Annulling in religious rituals or worships such as fasting in the holy month of Ramadan.
  117. Denying the use of religious spaces such as the mosques.
  118. Denial / exclusion from the social or religious solidarity mechanisms such as alms or any other charitable acts.
  119. Systematic and organised maltreatment, torture, harassment and rape.
  120. Disrespecting the dignity of the dead, maltreatment of the dead bodies and annulling the (funeral) rights of the diseased persons for a decent burial, rites and appropriate place of a grave.
  121. Systematic and organised psychological terror (isolation, insulation, provocation and exposure to the cycle of terror).
  122. Forcing spouses, children and families of the imprisoned victims to die of social exclusion, neglect, malnutrition and even starvation by preventing any kind of financial aids to them through terrorizing any reliefs.
  123. Blacklisting genetic lineage for inhumane/genocidal practices.
  124. Targeting families of the deceased victims, including spouses, children and lineage for generations by using blacklists, defamation, systematic violations of the rights, unlawful treatments and expulsions from work.
  125. Obstructing marriages or family formations.
  126. Breaking up families (forcing divorce).
  127. Disintegrating families by forcing the children to reject their parents.
  128. Breaking up families by forcing parents to reject their children.
  129. Systematic and organised targeting, bullying and mobbing individuals or groups for being genetically related to the victims of the KHKs.
  130. Systematic and organised targeting, bullying and mobbing the in-laws for having ties with the KHK victims through marriage.
  131. Forcing the society to swap the traditional culture of “solidarist neighbourhood” and “collaborative social structure” with a “conflicting social culture and structure” that is based on suspicion, denunciation, harassment, inform against and lynching of “the other”.
  132. Separating children from their families and giving them away to other families as foster children or placing them in child protection agencies.
  133. Separating adoptive or foster children from their families.
  134. Preventing adoption or child fostering.
  135. Attempting to break up families through tearing off their physical and/or social connections.
  136. Harassing families by violating their members’ rights to education or rights to employment etc.
  137. Destroying the structural functioning of families.
  138. Systematic and organised targeting through systematized blacklists.

[1] The genocidal policies or practices by the government list is still ongoing and is not restricted to 138 headings. The list has no particular order. The original report in Turkish can be found at this


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